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Special Biotechnology Report
24 June 2009,
Washington Post.

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9 May 2006  ,
Rodman & Renshaw 3rd Annual Global Healthcare Conference 2006

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TACTICAL THERAPEUTICS is a Biopharmaceutical Company developing the next wave of safer and cost effective small molecule therapeutics with near term commercialization for treatment of cancer and other diseases. At the core of the Company’s technology are patented products, with the lead candidate, an angiogenesis & Calcium Signal Inhibitor, being developed under the Fast Track.  A platform technology involving chemical restructuring, and improved pharmacokinetic & efficacy profiles has enabled TACTICAL THERAPEUTICS to grow a pipeline of cost-effective lead products, which the Company expects to develop by partnering with other companies.View more
Tactical’s Product, CTO, has improved oral bioavailability, is more effective and less toxic in animal cancer models than CAI. CAI, was tested for fifteen years, by scientists at the National Cancer Institute (NCI).
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Research & Development
Oncology Roadmap
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Angiogenesis, Inflammation
Cancer cell processes, Translational therapy
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